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Gunamoi Software

Gunamoi Software designs and develops computer software for specialist engineering applications.
We excel in developing custom solutions for our clients.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • development of scientific and engineering software tools to solve specific design problems,
  • software for control of test & measurement equipment in a laboratory or manufacturing environment,
  • real-time control of equipment and processes from a standard desktop PC,
  • network monitoring and alarm reporting systems.
  • simple image processing software, and custom web site design.

Most of our products are developed to meet the needs of specific clients, however some tools are more general, and some examples are available for download from the Products page.

We understand that no two businesses are identical and that each customer will have their own particular set of requirements. Even if your requirements are currently unclear, we are more than willing to discuss them with you and perhaps help you develop more detailed specifications. Please contact us here.

We also manage web sites for the following clients: