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Gunamoi Software

 Products for Download

Gunamoi Software specialises in custom software development to meet proprietary customer requirements.  However, some of our desktop applications are also publicly available for download here on our web site.

To make it easier to find what you're looking for, we've divided the list into the categories listed below.  Click on the links to see a list of desktop PC applications available within each category. 

Mapping & Satellite Planning Applications
GEOPoint, LEOPoint, HorizonProfile, GreatCirc, MapList-Flat, MapList-Globe, MapList-Sync, TxPlan, HGT2CSVConvert

Radio Frequency Testing & Planning Applications
RadcomSearch, TracePlot, TxPlan

Accounting & Business Applications
OfflineBackup for QuickBooks Online, Offline-Invoice for QuickBooks Online

File Editing & Converting Applications
Base64Convert, ExtractJPEG, EXIFSummary, ffmpeg Wrapper, FileInvert, Image2XPM, Images2PDF,
ListAllFiles, ListDuplicates, ModFileDate, SaveJson2CSV, SaveCSV2Json, SimpleHyp

Games & Miscellaneous Applications
Nixie Clock for Windows, MailRuleOut, SimpleGET, WeatherSave