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VERSION 3.6 OF TXPLAN NOW AVAILABLE !! - (click here to find out what's new)
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TxPlan is a tool intended for the use of professionals, who are involved with the planning of radio and satellite communications systems.  TxPlan is an easy to use program to produce simple carrier frequency layout diagrams. 

TxPlan can be used to illustrate the layout of transponders on a satellite, or the layout of carriers within a frequency band.  The program also allows the user to manipulate the carrier frequencies, for example squeezing them closer together to minimise satellite lease bandwidth, or illustrating the effect of passing them through a frequency converter.  It will also calculate and report the frequencies of third order intermodulation products resulting from non-linear devices or PIMs. 
As used by Hausfeld Consulting for satellite communications planning.  

TxPlan deals only with modern digitally modulated carriers.  Analogue AM or FM modulated signals are beyond the scope of this program, but if required may be illustrated on the diagram as a fixed bandwidth carrier.

Anyone may download and install TxPlan to access the Lite Features free of charge. 
Registration and payment are only required to unlock the Pro Features of the program.

Lite Features (Free)

Sample Diagram
  • Load a list of radio frequency carriers from a simple text file, and display a diagram of the carrier frequency layout.
  • Save the displayed diagram to a bitmap image file.
  • Edit the title of the diagram via the View Options menu.
  • Change the view frequencies, to zoom in on a subset of carriers, or zoom out, etc.
  • Choose whether to label carrier edge frequencies, or only the centre frequencies.
  • Comprehensive help topics included on all features of the program.
  • (see screen shots)  

Pro Features (requires Registration)

Sample Diagram
  • Change the Colours and Fonts used on the diagram. 
  • Add, Modify or Delete carriers within the program, without having to manually edit a text input file.
  • Select a carrier's modulation and coding options from a modcod file containing the options available for a particular modem.
  • Save edited carriers to a file for later use. 
  • Instantly reset the view frequencies to fit the loaded carriers.
  • Scrunch carriers together to automatically remove any gaps and overlaps, and minimise occupied bandwidth.
  • Translate all carrier frequencies by a fixed amount, to move them to another band, or simulate the effect of a frequency converter (BUC, LNB, etc). 
  • Save a report file listing the frequencies of all third order intermodulation products which could result from the loaded carriers. 
  • (see more detail on Pro features)