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SimpleHyp was originally written many years ago to fill a perceived need for a simple HTML editing tool with context colouring.  However, since that time, many free alternatives have become available, and for that reason SimpleHyp is no longer actively supported. 

We recommend instead the Notepad++ application, which provides context coloured text editing of HTML along with many other scripting and programming languages, and other advanced features such as text autocompletion. 

Version 2.7 of SimpleHyp was rewritten simply as a training exercise. 

Some minor changes were made in versions 2.1 to 2.7, mainly as bug fixes, and they are described in the version history.

The one major difference between version 2+ and older versions, is that SimpleHyp is now completely free to all users.  Previous Advanced features available only in the Pro version to registered users have now been made available to all users free of charge.  Registration is no longer required.

SimpleHyp is a very simple program, based on the familiar 'Notepad' text editor, so a detailed description of the program is not required.  A basic summary of the main features of SimpleHyp is provided below.

Features include:

  • context coloured HTML text editing;
  • context coloured printing;
  • simple text indenting;
  • a Browser View button to quickly load and view the edited HTML document in the default browser;
  • a Copy Text command to copy the highlighted selection to the clipboard while stripping out HTML tags and attributes;
  • a simple menu item to replace Linux style linefeed-only line endings with Windows style carriage-return/linefeed pairs;
  • menus for automatically inserting the most common HTML tags and symbols.