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VERSION 3.6 NOW AVAILABLE !! - (click here to find out what's new)

MapList-Globe is an easy to use windows program to present simple GIS data, and map grid data on a world globe.  This is a sister program to MapList-Flat, which does the same job, but on a flat world map, with the option to load MapQuest™ detailed background maps. 
main window and controls

Primarily intended for mapping data produced by other Gunamoi Software applications in MapList (*.maplist) and Map Grid (*.warray) files, this application can also load and display limited information from standard GPX, GeoJSON, OSM and KML map information files.  Additional functions include the ability to plot satellite pointing angles (azimuth and elevation) on a map for a satellite located at any latitude, longitude or altitude; as well as the ability to draw multiple circles on the map at a fixed distance from designated centre points.  Although not of much use to most people, MapList-Globe can also plot legacy satellite pattern (*.satpat) files from our old SatBeam program; or draw elliptical (or circular) satellite beams from a specified GEO satellite location.  MapList-Globe can also plot satellite orbits from two-line element (TLE) orbit data files. 
azimuth and elevation angles

The primary map used by MapList-Globe is a NASA Blue Marble image, which can be zoomed and dragged around the screen to centre on any location.  MapList-Globe uses the WGS84 standard latitude and longitude system.  The primary Blue Marble map is a flat map with linear equirectangular projection of latitude and longitude. 

Users may load alternate background map images, instead of the default Blue Marble, provided that they conform to the same equirectangular projection.  Use of alternate maps with mercator projection is not currently supported.
Coverage circles

The main functions of MapList-Globe are summarised below.  The Lite functions are available to all users free of charge.  The Pro features require the program to be registered in order to unlock those functions.

Free Features (all users)

  • Hi-res blue marble satellite globe map that can be easily moved or zoomed using the mouse, keyboard or on-screen buttons.
  • Ability to load alternate map image files if available.
  • Function to load and display map points, lines and labels from a variety of input files, including MapList format, GPX format, GeoJSON format and KML format files.
  • Able to quickly zoom to any specified latitude, longitude view location, including a built-in list of major cities to choose from.
  • Able to quickly turn on and off display of various map features via check box controls on the main window.
  • Able to vary all of the colours, line widths, and labelling options via individual settings in the Options Menu.
  • Able to save the current map view to an image file at any time.

Pro Features (registered users)

  • Function to load Map Grid Data from file and display on the map as a grid of coloured dots with contour lines, or as a field of directional arrows.
  • Able to vary contour scale, dot sizes, arrow colours, and legend position for map grid data display via settings in the Options Menu.
  • Function to load and display legacy SatBeam satellite pattern files, with option settings in the Options Menu.
  • Tool to display satellite pointing angles (azimuth and elevation) for any satellite latitude, longitude and altitude (not just geostationary), with full control of colours, line widths, and label options.
  • Tool to plot elliptical (or circular) satellite beams from a GEO satellite location onto the map.
  • Tool to load satellite orbit two-line elements (TLE) from a file and plot the satellite orbit on the globe.
  • Tool to plot a cloud of the simultaneous positions of multiple satellites from a single two-line elements (TLE) file.
  • Tool to draw multiple coverage circles on the map at a fixed distance from designated centre points. Useful for planning radio coverage, or maximum travel range, etc.
  • Able to save grid data contours, pointing angle contours, distance circles, satellite beams and satellite orbit tracks to MapList, GeoJSON or KML files for use in other programs.

Map Grid Data sample

Satellite Orbit Track

Satellite Elliptic Beams