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General Confidentiality

Any customer information provided to Gunamoi Software will remain at all times confidential.  Gunamoi Software will not disclose and will use its best endeavours to prohibit and prevent the unintentional disclosure of any confidential information relating to its Customers which may come to its knowledge. 

Gunamoi Software maintains a database of Customer names, addresses (including email address), and software registration codes.  This information is treated as confidential, and is maintained for the purpose of providing customer support, and for sending advice to customers on new features and software updates. 

Gunamoi Software will not share customer information with any third party without prior written permission from the customer, unless required to do so by law. 

Offline-Invoice and QuickBooks Online

The Offline-Invoice application runs on the customer's local PC, and communicates directly between the local PC and the QuickBooks Online servers.  All such interactions are performed using secure encrypted links (HTTPS, SSL).  At no times are any of the Customer's account information or access codes shared with Gunamoi Software or any other party. 

During the browser based QuickBooks Online authorisation process, a Gunamoi Software web page is used to display the company ID and temporary Authorisation Code, which the customer must then copy into Offline-Invoice.  Gunamoi Software does not keep any record of this transaction, or the associated company ID or authorisation code.  The displayed authorisation code is only a one-time temporary code which is used by the local Offline-Invoice program to obtain the real access codes from QuickBooks Online.  All QuickBooks Online access codes for the Customer's company accounts are stored only on the customer's local PC, and are encrypted and password protected.