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Release Date:  April 2018.

The following main features were added or changed in version 3.3:

Lite features (free)

  • Added "Check for Updates" option in Help menu.

Pro features (registered)

  • PDF file format option now available for Intermod Report.
  • Frequencies on HTML and PDF version of Intermod report are now clearly labelled "MHz" and use comma formatting to improve readability.

Bug Fixes & Other Refinements

  • Fixed bug where fonts are too small first time program installed.
  • Improved progress display when calculating intermodulation products.
  • Improvements to the installer, especially when installing in multi-user environments.
  • User preferences are now stored in the user's AppData\Roaming\TxPlan folder rather than windows registry.
  • All CSV output files use UTF-8 encoding, and include the UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM) so they will be loaded correctly in Excel.
  • Minor changes in layout and text box size to improve the appearance of some windows, depending upon the user's currently selected Windows theme.
  • Improved file checking and error reporting.

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