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   SaveJson2CSV - a free tool to convert JSON files to CSV files.



SaveJson2CSV is a free tool to convert JSON files to CSV files in a windows GUI. 

JSON is an open-standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs.  It is commonly used for asynchronous browser/server communication, as an alternative to XML.  Read more about JSON formats on Wikipedia

A comma-separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text.  Each line of the file is a separate data record.  And each record consists of one or more fields, separated by commas.  Read more about CSV formats on Wikipedia

The CSV file format is not standardised, however we assume the common formatting used by most spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.  Text fields may include commas and other formatting, such as line-breaks, provided the text field is surrounded by quotation marks ("...").  If text fields need to include quotation marks, they must be doubled.  For example (He said "hello".) must become ("He said ""hello"".") in a CSV file, to be properly read by a spreadsheet program. 

SaveJson2CSV will use a separate column for each key name in the JSON file.  The first line in the output CSV file is a list of the column headers, based on the JSON key names.  Each record of a JSON Array will be placed on a separate record line in the CSV file, and the order of the original array records will be maintained.  So JSON Object names become the columns in the CSV and JSON Array elements become the rows in the CSV.  However, JSON Objects are defined as an unordered collection of data, so the order of the columns in the CSV may not match the order of the Objects in the original JSON file. 

While CSV is intended for storing tabular data, JSON data need not be tabular.  So CSV output files may sometimes appear rather sparse, or repetitive, if the JSON data is not well suited to a tabular format. 

SaveJson2CSV also tries to be forgiving of any formatting or non-ASCII characters in the JSON file. 

Installation steps:

1. Download the appropriate SaveJson2CSV zip file from this page (see button below).

2. Unzip the SaveJson2CSV executable to any location and run it directly.  There are no special install requirements.

This is free software and is provided free of charge, 'as is' with no warranty.  No registration required.  There is no installer for this program, just unzip the executable and run it as described above. 

System Requirements:

32bit: Windows XP or later.
64bit: Windows 7 or later.

Download the program here.

  DOWNLOAD SaveJson2CSV (v1.1) (Windows 32 bit) (1.32MB)

  SHA-1 checksum: deee0f8bb1edba311dff6b302132e45e106373a9

  DOWNLOAD SaveJson2CSV (v1.1) (Windows 64 bit) (1.57MB)

  SHA-1 checksum: fa4e83ea238f5020ea5af878e417fda8aa60cd5a

Sample SaveJson2CSV Screenshot

Sample Screenshot