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   Base64Convert - a free Base64 Encode/Decode tool.



Base64Convert is a free Base64 Encode/Decode tool in a windows GUI. 

Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation.  Read more about Base64 encoding on Wikipedia

Base64Convert allows the user to encode (to Base64) or decode (from Base64).  The source for conversion may be a string entered or pasted into the source text box, or any file selected via the Browse button.

The 'to Base64' option produces standard Base64 encoding, with '+' and '/' characters and '=' for padding.  The 'to Base64URL' option produces standard Base64URL encoding, with '-' and '_' characters and no padding. 

The Output text box shows the result of the currently selected conversion.  The current Output box contents may be copied to the clipboard using the Copy button.  For encoding (to Base64 or to Base64URL), the output text box will contain the full encoded ASCII text.  For a decode operation (from Base64 or from Base64URL), any zero or null characters in the decoded binary data will not be included in the Output text box, or the clipboard copy. 

However, the Save File button allows the full encoded text or decoded binary data to be saved to a file, including any zero or null bytes. 

From version 1.1, the on screen Output String is limited to 10,000 characters maximum.  But there is no limit on the size of the Output Binary File.

Installation steps:

1. Download the Base64Convert zip file from this page (see button below).

2. Unzip the Base64Convert executable to any location and run it directly.  There are no special install requirements.

This is free software and is provided free of charge, 'as is' with no warranty.  No registration required.  There is no installer for this program, just unzip the executable and run it as described above. 

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later.

Download the program here.

  DOWNLOAD Base64Convert (v1.3) (Windows 32 bit) (1.36MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 5b3fdb3e53d0e22892faec0425d3a9dcaa05adf9

  DOWNLOAD Base64Convert (v1.3) (Windows 64 bit) (1.61MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 741b3c1b998ea4a159816007b3709af86780f9f3

Sample Base64Convert Screenshot

Please note that the exact look and feel of the program will vary on each computer depending upon the individual user's operating system and theme settings. 

Sample Screenshot