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   OfflineBackup - What's New in Version 1.6



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Release Date: May 2019

The following main features were added or changed in version 1.6:

Lite features (for all users)

  • Updated QuickBooks Online access protocols to the latest OAuth2.0 API.
  • Passwords typed on the New Pasword dialog are now hidden by default, unless the user selects Unhide.
  • Please Note: Because the Quickbooks Online access protocol has changed, any access codes stored by older versions of OfflineBackup will become invalid, and the program will need to be re-authorised to access QuickBooks Online for each company.

Bug Fixes & Other Refinements

  • Fixed bug where random characters appeared in HTTP useragent field, in most cases this had no impact on operation.
  • All code libraries used by OfflineBackup were updated to their latest versions.

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