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GEOPoint Antenna Pointing program


GEOPoint is a program that I have written primarily for my own use as a satellite communications consultant.  However, recognising that the program may be of use to other professionals involved in satellite communications, I have made the software available for download and licensing via my other business Gunamoi Software.

Most professionals will already have access to software or spreadsheets that do the simple calculation of antenna pointing angles for geostationary satellites.  However, the latest version 3.05 of GEOPoint incorporates some relatively unique features which may be of some interest: 

  • most programs only calculate azimuth relative to true north, whereas GEOPoint incorporates the latest world magnetic model WMM2010 to estimate local magnetic azimuth, to simplify antenna pointing using a magnetic compass.
  • sun interference is an unavoidable phenomenon for satellite communications, but it is very predictable & GEOPoint can produce reports on the dates, times and estimated impact of each event for a specific antenna & satellite link.
  • GEOPoint can produce a diagram showing pointing angles to all satellites of interest from a specific site(s) which can be useful for inclusion in reports and documents.  The diagram can include such details as horizon profiles and antenna movement limits, and individual satellite locations can be labelled on the diagram.
  • Local climate data such as ambient temperature, rain rates, water vapour density, etc has a major impact on propagation.  GEOPoint has the data models from the latest ITU-R Recommendations built-in, to allow estimation of local climate parameters for the specified latitude and longitude when more accurate data is not available.
  • GEOPoint can use Norad two-line element orbit data files, or Intelsat 11-parameter ephemeris files as input to label the current locations and orbit tracks of satellites on the diagram, or produce pointing reports.  (Note however that GEOPoint is not a satellite tracking program and is intended only for geostationary satellites.  Input of TLE data for non-GSO satellites is not applicable.)
  • GEOPoint performs a range of other calculations which are basic to the design of earth stations and satellite links, including Antenna G/T estimation, path loss and rain attenuation calculations, and estimating the impact of inclined orbit operation on pointing, tracking speed and gain and frequency stability.

GEOPoint is not a link budget calculator, however it does provide various data which can be used as inputs to a link budget program.  I do have separate program (LINKBUD & BATCHBUD) which I use in my own consulting work, however these are not as yet suitable for general release.

Some basic features of GEOPoint are available free of charge without registration.  However, to access the full features of the program, users will need to pay a license registration fee, as described on the web site.

If you want to 'try before you buy', then please make an email request, and a limited time registration code can be sent to you for evaluation purposes.